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 Travel / Travel Agent

I am a Local Home-Based travel agent with over 9 years of experience in the industry. I am dedicated to be helping people plan a vacation of a lifetime. I believe in helping my clients, whether groups, family, couple, or individual, create a customized vacation package that suites their particular interests and tastes. This includes arranging their accommodations, extra amenities, special services, dining options, and planned excursions. I am an Accredited Cruise Counselor and specialize in group travel, as well as FIT (Flexible Independent Travel). My love for travel is what prompted me into the travel industry. I can assist couples in planning and organizing a wedding or honeymoon package at any of the luxury resorts throughout the Caribbean & Mexico.


I spent my most memorable vacations traveling throughout the Caribbean. In 2019 I was lucky enough to fulfill one of my own dream vacations to Italy. If you are thinking of traveling to Rome & the Amalfi Coast I can guide you. This love for independent travel has helped make me an expert at helping others plan their own FIT packages. I help customers create a specialized itinerary that is based on their specific interests and likes in order to plan a vacation that they will truly enjoy. I assist my clients by making any necessary arrangements, and plans complete an individualized package for each customer. Working with a travel agent doesn’t cost you anything and it saves you time spent searching.

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