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Good Dog Pet Training

Congratulations to Anne Pless, owner of Good Dog Pet Training on 11 Wayne Avenue, Suffern! Our Chamber held a ribbon cutting and Good Dog greeted friends and families who are already enrolled and newcomers as well with a tour and lite fare!

Since 2015, Anne Pless and her team have been helping individuals and their dogs through balanced training methods, always keenly aware each pet has their own personality.

"It is vital to understand that every dog does not learn the same way which is why we work to tailor our balanced methods for your dog's specific needs! Dog training should be an enjoyable experience that helps to strengthen the bond between dog and owner while having fun!"

Now in Suffern, Anne is offering a variety of services which include training, boarding and day care.

"Our daycare combines exercise, training and socialization all into one. This is the perfect program for someone with a  hectic schedule or anyone who just wants their dog to get a little extra socialization or training. Drop your dog off with us and pick up a tired pup at the end of the day."

"...whether it be a weekend sleepover or a week-long stay, we can guarantee they’ll have an awesome time AND learn a lot, too! Your dog will spend time in our play groups, going out for walks or field trips and working with our certified trainers!"

"We pride ourselves on treating our clients like family and because of that we vouch to be there for you 24/7...We have been able to help hundreds of dogs become "The Good Dog" their owners want them to be!"

Learn more about Good Dog Pet Training's facility!

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