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Welcome New Member Meg McCluskey, owner of Chic & Tidy

Professional Organizer, Wardrobe Consultant and Custom Closet Designer.

At Chic & Tidy, we help create organizational systems around your home that will help you lead a more streamlined, stress free life. We stylishly organize closets, pantries, linen closets, etc. making your storage spaces look nice, and allowing you to easily locate what you are looking for. If a full closet makeover is what you need, we have a fantastic partnership with NJ based HF Closet Systems, and can design a new custom layout tailored to fit your needs and space, managing the entire process from concept to installation!

More than just an organizer, we will also help you purge and edit your wardrobe, keeping only what fits in with your lifestyle, and what looks good! Taking it one step further, we can make recommendations about what key pieces to add to your wardrobe to make it complete.

When you like how you look, you have more confidence. And when you are surrounded by a neat, organized space, you feel more calm. We help clients achieve both!! Imagine walking into your closet in the morning, and putting an outfit together in minutes, knowing exactly where all the pieces are, and that what you are putting on looks good on you.

I'm Meg McCluskey. My goal is to help people reach "closet nirvana". I want everyone to love what is in their closet and wear everything they own! I want my clients to know where everything is, and when they get something new, know exactly where it will go, and what else it will go with! I love to help my clients edit their wardrobes, keeping only the things that they love and that fit, and free themselves of outdated, ill fitting things that are just taking up space. Owning too many unnecessary things not only takes up physical space, but mental space too.

I organize clothing, accessories, and other belongings into categories, to help make finding everything a breeze, thereby allowing them to live a less cluttered, more tranquil existence.

And if the space is small, or not laid out well, I can help with that too! I have a fantastic partnership with HF Closets, and we will design and build the closet system of your dreams!

In addition to closets, I also help bring order to pantries, bathrooms, linen closets, laundry rooms, etc. No space is too small or insignificant to convert to chic & tidy! I love helping people get organized and feel good about themselves!

Visit my website at

Find me on Facebook at

Follow me on Instagram at @chictidy -

You may contact me at (917) 597-7499

Serving Northern NJ, and Rockland and Orange Counties in NY


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