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2019 Year In Review!

It certainly was a big year in our Village of Suffern!

Our Chamber is proud to share that our website, launched in January 2019, is receiving a great amount of traffic! We're glad to know it is a valuable resource for businesses and residents alike!

We also are proud to have been partnering with the Sloatsburg Chamber of Commerce and Rockland County Tourism for the past four years in an effort to draw tourists into the corridor between the two

villages through our Explore Harriman campaign. During this period, our Chambers have been awarded grant dollars solely for advertising. The EH committee collaborated with bloggers with a targeted audience and ads were placed in specific print and online publications geared for the day and weekend destination seekers. This past year, committee members of Explore Harriman pulled together to create The website, Facebook page and Instagram accounts all receive a steady amount of traffic and followers. And, we would be remiss not to mention the many posts by Harriman State Park adventurers which the EH committee reposts... a mutually gratifying collaboration in itself!

Our Suffern Chamber extends much thanks to its board officers, directors, volunteers, the Village of Suffern ...especially our Suffern Police Dept and DPW, for their assistance in pulling together our successful Restaurant Weeks, well attended Street Fairs, fantastic Bar Crawl, and the fun Shop Small Saturday Scavenger Hunt. And, we must acknowledge the Suffern Chamber's 2019 Recognition Award recipient, Nicole Russodivito who is part of our Chamber's PR team for her inventiveness & dedication to our Chamber's events.

We also must thank the Village of Suffern and it's Recreation Department along with Chief Clark Osborn for the many wonderful events they have organized for the greater community!

Suffern continues to have its share of celebrity sightings - we had the pleasure of meeting American Idol's Dave Pittman at All Soul's Benefit Concert, and to meet Olympic Figure Skating hopefuls Olivia Serafini and Mervin Tran who have now made their home in Suffern.

2017 and 2018 efforts by the Village of Suffern and Rockland County Economic Development in wooing film crews, culminated in 2019 with the airing of

NBC's TV series Manifest and the release of Martin Scorcese's The Irishman on Netflix!

Suffern was fortunate to have several new businesses open in 2019 such as Adaraka Indian Restaurant, The New York Cookie Boutique, Good Dog Pet Training, and Java Love which have won over locals and those in surrounding communities! As for residential developments, The Sheldon has placed Suffern on the millennial map with its luxury units.

We are really excited to begin a new year... continuing efforts with the Village of Suffern, Rockland County, the neighboring villages, and with volunteers in continuing to build upon the greater Suffern area's upswing!

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