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October 2019 Mixer Highlights!

A warm gathering of Chamber Board Members, business members, and friends at Forgia Brick Oven Pizzeria for our October Networking Mixer. The attendees welcomed Quanda and Joaquin Miches, Owners of The New York Cookie Boutique who generously provided their delicious signature oatmeal cookies and chocolate chip cookies. There were so many cookies, our Chamber shared samples with all other diners in the restaurant who were exuberant after taking a bite!

The Chamber also wished Guy, Owner of Forgia, a Happy Birthday in song! Thank you to Guy and family for the great food and their ongoing gracious hospitality for all who comes through their doors.

Attendees: Mayor Ed Markunas; Trustee Moira Hertzman; Frank and Lois Hagen; Aury Licata, owner of Licata Management, and Chamber President; Gina Bertolino, owner of Mystic Images Salon, and Chamber VP; Frances Glick, owner of Mateo Communications, and Chamber Treasurer; Martina Cinarli of Prominent Properties Sotheby's International Realty and Chamber Communications Officer; Nicole Russodivito of Marcello's Ristorante, and Alexandria Evans of Kreative Juice House Graphic Design who make up the Chamber PR Team; Ross Pilot, Aerial Photographer and musician; Barrie Keene of Traveling Vineyard; Makeup Artist Paige Sheehan; Adriane Gross of Pine Knoll Florist; Robin Connington of Pampered Chef; Danielle Russodivito of Keller Williams Realty; and Will Reinmuth of All Souls Church.

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