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Members: 2019 Shop Local Scavenger Hunt Details!

The Chamber is throwing its 3rd annual Small Business Saturday Scavenger Hunt!

Please let us know by November 15th if you would like to be a participating business as the event is Saturday, November 30th from 11am-4pm!

Check in is between 11AM-12PM. Scavenger hunters will start at Licata Insurance where they will pick up their Small Business Tote Bag and accessories and receive the list of things they need to find or take a photo of. Below are the requirements to be a stop on the scavenger map:

1) The hunt is walkable... therefore you must be located within 1/4 mile from Licata Insurance where the hunt will start.

2) You need to have an activity for the participants to do while at your location to take a photo of.. We must approve your activity to be a part of the hunt.  Below are examples:

- Take a photo sitting in a salon chair at Mystic Images Salon

- Pick out a pretty flower from Pine Knoll Florist and snap a photo

- Take a photo of yourself trying on clothes or accessories or simply place them in front of you at Style at Lafayette Boutique.

Some stops will be a riddle scavenger hunters need to figure out! 

3) Each business on the hunt must provide a gift card or gift basket equaling to $50. We will be giving these as prizes to winning shoppers.

One of the points on the map will be to dine at a participating restaurant for lunch to receive 20% off their bill and they must show us a photo of the receipt. So please let us know if you would be willing to give this discount. You do not need to give a gift card on top of the discount.


- The photos the hunters take will be uploaded into our Facebook Event Page and you can use them for your marketing materials.

Please note that people may ask you for business cards as that is one of the items on the list. This is great marketing and branding for your company! Don't forget to order more marketing materials if you're running low!

If you do not have a business within walking distance, please bring your marketing materials to Licata insurance between November 25-29 (excluding thanksgiving) between 9-5pm and place the items in the tote bags. Examples: flyers, coupons, pens etc.

We are going to promote this like crazy. We would love to see groups of people walking the streets of Suffern as they did for the Crawl.

Let us know how you would like to participate!

Thank you,

Suffern Chamber of Commerce 

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