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SEO, SERP, SEM, PPC...What Does It All Mean?!

Blog by Chamber Member Simplisk, Inc.

We're the first to admit it: getting online visibility for your business is hard. On a good day, it may take an hour or two of work: posting a new blog entry, being active on social media and keeping current on changes in tech like search engine algorithm updates. On a bad day, well, we don't like to talk about those.

With all of the other obstacles, tasks and general lack of time most of us face in our regular

day-to-day, is the extra effort of investing in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search

Engine Marketing (SEM) really worth it?

In many cases, the answer is a resounding

yes! In others, maybe not as much. The

answer, as you might imagine, depends

entirely on your business niche, your

overall goals and your understanding of

what (in-house or externally sourced)

SEO/SEM can and can't do for your


So Let's Begin At The Beginning

Before you embark on your digital journey into the world of SEO, paid advertising and local

search, the best thing you can do is inform yourself of the basics of each and get familiar with

the overall process.

To help, we've put together a primer where we cover what SEO is and isn't, what to expect

when hiring a specialist and a very handy glossary of SEO/SEM related terms and

definitions. Check out the full discussion here:

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